What Is Medigap – A Comprehensive Overview

What is Medigap? This is also known as the Medical Supplement insurance. Medigap is a private policy that has been designed to offer supplemental benefits to the Original Medicare. The OM has a lot of gaps when you look at its coverage and it does not cover some important aspects like deductibles, coinsurance and co-payments. If you have the OM and you understand what is Medigap, you know already that once the share of Medicare has been exhausted, the Medigap then pays the costs that could not be covered by the OM. Looking at PPO and HMO or the Medicare Advantage plans, you will notice that the Supplemental plans are much different in that the PPO and HMO are plans that help you get benefits. What is Medigap on the other hand only supplements what OM cannot cover.

One has to be aware that what is Medigap is a standardized and regulated policy that is controlled by state and Federal laws. These laws were made to protect consumers. Medigap is labeled as Medicare Supplement insurance. For most states, what is Medigap is standardized, offering coverage per letters A to N in which all policies must address the same core benefits. This means that even if you have 5 choices for Medigap, you will still get the same benefits and services. With regards to differences, the companies offering Medigap will only vary in price.

So what is Medigap in terms of coverage? From A to N, there are unique options to consider. What is Medigap A is a basic plan that covers coinsurance for 1 year after the Medicare plan has been exhausted. It also covers Part B Co-payment or coinsurance. You also get coverage for the first 3 pints of blood as well as hospice care co-payment or coinsurance under Plan A. When it comes to what is Medigap B, it covers what is present on Plan A but it includes coverage or part A deductibles. On what is Medigap C, it offers benefits from Part A plus coverage form Skilled nursing, Part A and B deductibles as well as coverage when you get sick abroad. Plan D offers the same benefits as C only without the Part B deductible.

If you want comprehensive coverage, Medigap F might be your answer since it also offers all the benefits of Part C plus coverage for excess charges in Part B. Other Medigap plans include K, L, M and N where there is limited coverage on some aspects but are mostly on par with Plan D when it comes to the number of benefits.

Choosing the perfect plan is not easier due to the standardized options. Of course, it has t fit your needs and budget. For example, even if plan F is good, that does not mean it is budget friendly since you have to pay a big amount of money before the plan starts to kick in. learn more about your best options for What is Medigap and find more convenient quotes by selecting your home state from the list below.