Get Affordable Individual Vision Insurance

The human eye works all through the day, often doing exhausting tasks such as staring at computer screens and the television, helping the brain process all the information they see. Eyes only get to rest when you finally fall asleep. Yet, many people do not see the necessity of getting individual vision insurance or at the very least, having regular eye check ups. With more and more people getting eye problems early in life, it is important to purchase individual vision insurance.Individual Vision Insurance

Perhaps you are among the lucky few who do not suffer eye problems throughout their lifetime and hence, do not require individual vision insurance. With modern lifestyles where most jobs require us to use the computer more and more; and a diminishing outdoor life – traded for staying indoors watching movies and TV shows – the number of people with perfect eyesight is fast diminishing. If you are already experiencing eye problems, consider getting individual vision insurance, which will cushion you against the high cost of routine eye care.

Individual vision insurance is a type of specialist insurance policy that can be added to your regular health insurance. It is fairly affordable, usually costing between $15 and $20 a month. With an individual vision insurance policy, you get to enjoy cover for visits to the optician, as well as discounts on eyeglasses and/or lenses and surgical procedures such as LASIK.

Eye care treatment is quite expensive. Purchase of eyeglasses for instance, can cost you several hundred dollars. If this was unplanned, it becomes almost unaffordable because it means adjusting your budget. With individual vision insurance, you can save hundreds of these monthly eye care expenses every year. This is more so for those who require regular eye check ups.

Most insurance companies provide individual vision insurance as a separate policy. However, you can still find it inclusive in some health plans. The biggest individual vision insurance provider in the United States is VSP. The company offers the policy in partnership with insurance companies. If you are already covered under an employee health package, you should be able to purchase individual vision insurance as an add-on, if it is not included in the group health plan. However, this will mean paying the extra vision insurance premiums out-of-pocket. At only $20, it is certainly affordable and worth having for everyone with eye problems.

You may currently experience no eye problems but given your daily exposure to different screens, it is only a matter of time before eye strain manifests. If it ever comes to this, you will benefit a lot from an individual vision insurance cover. It will drastically reduce the amount of money you would have spent on eye doctors, prescription glasses or lenses and surgical procedures.