Obtain Full Coverage Car Insurance for Less

Most people know about comprehensive car insurance, and may not know what full coverage car insurance is. Others have doubts about the real benefits of full coverage car insurance. This is understandable especially if one is getting information about full coverage car insurance from some source, which happens to be unreliable.

Full coverage car insurance is a combination of the three major types of auto insurance: collision, liability and comprehensive. Liability is the most basic of the three and the one that all motorists are required to have by law in most states. It pays for damage and medical expenses incurred during and after an accident. Collision coverage enables compensation for damages incurred in a collision accident.Full Coverage Car Insurance

Comprehensive coverage, which is the most extensive of the three, provides compensation for vandalism, theft, fires and other unconventional accidents, not just damages incurred during car collisions. In comprehensive, all forms of damages are compensated as long as they are not the direct result of driver negligence or poor car maintenance. You also get to benefit from roadside assistance and 24 hours a day and reimbursement for any car rentals you took.

Full coverage car insurance encapsulates all three and takes them further. It provides not just protection for car damages but also bodily harm. With a full coverage car insurance policy, you can drive someone else’s car and still benefit from the coverage, both you and your passengers.

Do not be misled by the name full coverage car insurance though. Full coverage car insurance does have limits. Most notable is that it does not cover repairs and maintenance, except for damages caused by an accident. Also, payout on a full coverage car insurance will only be made based on the car’s real market value. Thus, it is not the best form of policy to take on cars you are financing, used cars or classic cars. This is because these cars have a high depreciating rate and so the returns for you will be little. Only new cars, already fully paid for, are ideal to insure using full coverage car insurance.

When choosing the insurance company to buy your full overage car insurance policy from, look around and shop exhaustively. This is the only way to ensure that you get the best deal. Remember the premiums for full coverage car insurance are rather high, higher than those of liability, collision and comprehensive. Therefore, compare rates from as many insurers as you can and go for the most favorable quote for your circumstances.