How to Minimize the Cost of Insurance

Let’s face it, the cost of insurance will continue to rise as the economy stumbles down and the value of dollar goes to the deep end. It is bad news for all of us paying our insurance, trying to save as much money as possible. At times, we feel that we are only working to pay these costs. Is it really worth it? Some might say no, but if you stop now, you might be missing out on some promising benefits for the future. Nonetheless, it is very important to address these rising costs especially for auto insurance. Let us first address the aspects that could affect the overall cost of insurance. Then let us find out some ways to minimize such costs.

The cost of insurance due to statistics. Young, male drivers are generalized to be bad drivers and so the good ones have to pay a higher premium just because statistical data shows that this age bracket is very risky for their business. Another aspect that affects the cost of insurance would have to be the level of excess. If you pay less, then the insurance company pays more. Low deductibles increase the cost of premium since you want the insurance company to do its job. If you have a bad driver’s record or you have a criminal record, the chance of a higher cost of insurance is obvious. Your driving history can easily be tapped by the insurance company, so you have very little control about this. Another factor would have to be your age and sex. Again, this works well with statistics. The younger the driver, the more risky it would be. Male drivers normally have higher premiums compared to females. Lastly, your vehicle can affect the cost of insurance. Sports cars, exotic cars and brand new cars have very high cost of insurance compared to sensible cars or used cars.

Now that we know the common factors that could affect the cost of insurance, let us identify some aspects that can be done to minimize the costs even for a tad bit. Every dollar that you save can be incredibly beneficial at the end of the day. First, you might want to insure several cars in one company. Bulk rates and deals are often given to those who insured their cars to one company only. You might also want to opt for multiple drivers. Normally, they receive discounts for doing this.

Another option to save cost of insurance is to keep your record clean. You may have had a bad record before but it is not too late to change. People who are able to keep their record clean for several years get some benefits. Also, if you wish to ask for adjustments in the policy, the insurance company will have a much better faith in you since you have a good record to show. To do that, you might want to start driving defensively. Defensive drivers are less likely to get into accidents compared to aggressive drivers. They avoid traffic violations and they do not add up to their driving record.

Another option to cut the cost of insurance is to limit the use of the car as often as possible. You use it less, the less likely you will risk accidents. Also, you can save on gas by using bikes and using mass transit once in a while. You might also want to use more sensible cars for regular driving. The cost of insurance will be lower if the car is not high end. Also, high end cars are more prone to issues like theft and vandalism, so it would be better to choose a sensible car for everyday use and keep the fancy convertible or luxury car for black tie events.

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